Even Money Casino Bets

Want to know what every casino game has in common? They’re all designed to extract as much money from you as possible. But that’s not all. They also give you the illusion you have a chance to triumph. AND they attempt to keep you as happy as possible while this is going on.

It might seem hard to remain happy while losing money. But the casino industry has done an excellent job of working toward this objective. Many casino games offer even money wagers. This term is deceptive. No casinos offer genuinely even money wagers.

An even money bet is one where you have a chance to win that equals the expected return on your stake. Sounds complicated? It’s simpler than it sounds.

The finest example is a coin flip. The coin has a 50% chance to rest on heads and a 50% chance to land on tails. If you win the same amount that you wagered when you win Mahadevbook casino the coin toss, it’s an even money bet.

In even money wagers you come out even in the long haul. The long run may take thousands of outcomes, but you’ll be even eventually—if you play long enough.

The remainder of this page outlines the so-called even money bets in the casinos. It includes explanations of why they’re not really even money wagers.

Roulette Even Money Bets
Roulette offers numerous bets that are termed even money. You can wager on black or red, even or odd, or 1 – 18 or 19 – 36. These odds all pay 1 to 1, but they’re not really even money wagers. When the ball lands on the 0 or 00 you lose. This grants the advantage to the house.

The actual house edge on a wheel with only one zero is 2.7%. On a wheel with a zero and a double zero it is 5.26%.

The closest thing you can find to an even money wager on roulette is when you play on a wheel that is using the en prison rule. This is only available on some single zero rims. If the ball lands on zero, the wager is held “in prison” until the next result. If the gamble would win on the next result you get your wager back, but if it would lose on the next wager you lose it.

This still provides the house a small edge, but it’s the smallest possible edge while playing roulette.

Baccarat Even Money Bets
In baccarat, you can place a wager on the banker, the player, or on a tie. The banker and player wagers are near to even money bets, but when the two tie you lose. The tie and the commission you pay on winning banker bets make baccarat wagers not genuine even money bets.

The actual house edge on a banker wager in baccarat is 1.06%. On the player wager it’s 1.24%. The tie wager is well over 10% so you should never take it.

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