How to diet to lose weight safely and healthily

Being overweight can cause your appearance to become less attractive, as well as having a negative impact on your health. What could be wrong is not the type of food, but rather the timing of your diet. Your weight will increase when the quantity of calories consumed exceeds the calorie limit required by the body, especially if you rarely exercise.

Because, excess calories that are not used by the body will be stored as fat. However, it must be noted that each individual’s body needs are not the same as those of other individuals. Therefore, not all healthy diet methods are suitable for everyone. In other words, a safe diet must always pay attention to the condition of the individual’s own body.

1. Eat together with different portions

Not a few people don’t really understand that dieting means having to reduce the frequency of meals in a day, if only by eating once a day.

In fact, the following steps are not effective and can actually risk causing health problems. You still have to eat 3 times a day changing portions from each food group according to balanced nutrition guidelines.

The Indonesian Ministry of Health recommends “Fill My Plate” to encourage a healthy diet, namely 50% fruit and vegetables, the remaining 50% is carbohydrates and protein. You can determine the type of carbohydrates and protein you like as long as they make up a maximum of 50% of your plate.

With this step, you can still eat the delicious foods you like while on a weight loss diet. You need to know that a nutrient-dense breakfast can help reduce the desire to snack and overeat at the next scheduled meal.

2. Have regular breakfast

Breakfast is very important as a source of energy to start the day so that you can carry out activities well throughout the day. According to a study in the journal Nutrients (2018), people who eat breakfast tend to rarely consume added sugar.

Meanwhile, the intake of protein, fiber, iron and vitamins consumed is actually higher. This is certainly very beneficial because you will get the nutritional intake your body needs, while not having to endure hunger in the morning.

To ensure that the calories from your favorite foods do not exceed your calorie deficit target, balance them with fiber and protein intake. This way, you will feel full more quickly when you eat delicious foods that you like.

3. Try the 80/20 diet

While following this diet, you only have to ensure that 80% of the food you consume is healthy and the remaining 20% ​​is free for you to choose. For example, you must eat nutritious food for 6 days.

According to a study in Integrative Medicine: A Clinician’s Journal (2020), this diet is recommended for someone who is just starting a weight loss program. With this method, you will become more comfortable following a diet without being tormented by very strict eating rules. Not only does it support weight loss, the 80/20 diet will also encourage you to have a healthier eating pattern in the long term.

4. Cook yourself

If you want to go on a diet but still eat well, try learning to cook food that you like. You can choose quality food ingredients and try to be creative in creating a variety of menus.

Sometimes, the delicious food we crave is processed and fast food that is high in salt or sugar and saturated fat. Instead, you can cook similar food, but use healthy ingredients.

You can use vegetables and fruit and reduce the sugar and salt content. That way, you can still eat the delicious foods you like while following your diet. Apart from being healthier, self-cooked food is also more hygienic.

5. Exercise regularly

Want to diet to lose weight but find it difficult to stop eating delicious foods that may not be healthy? Regular exercise can help you realize this desire. Exercise can support more fat burning due to the oxidation process to produce energy during movement

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