Herbal Supplements for Relief of Menopausal Symptoms

Over the past years, I’ve developed a wide variety of herbal supplements which successfully relieve menopausal symptoms. Some are delicious teas; others are blends of liquid extracts.

In some of the herbal supplements, I recommend using tinctures, that are liquid herbal extracts, since I believe they act quicker, prostadine drops – you can look here – are usually more potent, and generally offer better results than capsules. If you do not like the taste of theirs, try diluting tinctures in a bit of fruit juice. These doses are appropriate for tinctures in 1:3, 1:4, and also 1:5 concentrations.

You are able to find most of these natural dietary supplements at health food stores; increasingly, herbal dietary supplements are offered at pharmacies and also food markets. Choose only single-herb products. Some formulas take time to do the job, for this reason you have to take them for as long as indicated to feel better. For those cures, when a range of doses is mentioned, start with the smaller dose, and then increase when needed.

Hot Flashes & Nights Sweats

o 1 oz chaste tree tincture

o one oz motherwort tincture

o 1 oz hawthorn tincture

o 1/2 oz black cohosh tincture



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