The advantages of Taking a Dong Quai Herbal Supplement

3 months agoThe use of Dong Quai organic supplement as an all natural health cure goes back thousands of years.

In Asian cultures it’s been used as a tonic to assist women’s reproductive systems. It’s a really popular herb in several Asian counties, especially Japan and China, prostadine ingredients where it’s second only to ginseng in its popularity.

Dong quai is obtained from the root of a plant called the angelica sinensi of China, in Japan the extract is taken from the acutilob.

These plants have near a two and a half meter hollow stem, that is topped with a group of yellow flowers, shaped like an umbrella.

The primary use for dong quai has long been to relieve the assortment of signs associated with women’s health, typically gynecological in nature.

It is thought that the dong quai herb helps promote uterine health, and also help maintain a consistent as well as healthy menstrual cycle.

Thus, why does dong quai help? Effectively, studies have indicated that coumarins inside dong quai are responsible. Coumarins have been confirmed to dilate blood vessels, boost the circulation within the body and also to stimulate and nervous system.

Additional info suggests that coumarins relax muscles inside the uterus, which would go a way to explaining why dong quai happens to be effective for women in treating menstrual cramps.

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