Prostate Problems – An Owners’ Guide

The prostate gland.

The prostate gland.

We have all read of it, but generally only in relation to it going wrong – and also the stress of working with your doctor stick his finger’ up yer bum’ to check it. So what exactly is the prostate? What exactly does it do and how do you keep yours in shape which is good? Just before we get started, you’ll find 2 small points that need clarifying:

One There’s only one’ R’ in prostate. (Prostrate is whenever you lie face down with the arms of yours as well as lower limbs spread!).

2 The prostate is a strictly’ men-only’ kinda gland. (Girls do not have one.)

Where’s it and what does it do?

Where’s it and what will it do?

About the measurements of conker (chestnut), the prostate life sort of wrapped around the urethra, just below the exit of the bladder, before the inner wall structure of the rectum. Picture a drinking straw with a balloon on the end. So now imagine threading a mini cupcake onto the straw and pushing it up as far as the balloon. The balloon is definitely the bladder, the straw is the urethra and also the tiny cupcake is the prostate gland!

Despite the proximity of its to and associations with the bladder, it’s nothing to do with urine generation and is, actually, responsible for producing something called prostatic substance which improves the sperms’ ability to’ swim’. Making sure that explains why women do not have one and then!

What can go wrong with it next?

What may go wrong with it next?’benign prostatic hyperplasia’ (BPH).


‘prostate cancer’

How can I decrease the danger of prostadine scam or legit [these details] prevent prostate problems?

The negative news

2 years agoThe good news

Can diet truly make a difference?

Prostate Research Campaign UK

American Prostate Cancer Research Institute

However for goodness sake, if you believe you could have an issue – get looked at by a doctor!

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