Seven Ways Twitter Destroyed My Canadian News Today Without Me Noticing

Doing justice by Black CanadiansWorld Top Canadian News Today: Brexit deal is agreed; COVID-19 pandemic continues to ravage nations After years of negotiations, a Brexit deal has finally been agreed upon by the United Kingdom and European Union. The agreement will allow for a smoother exit from the EU, with less disruption to trade and travel. While it has been met with some criticism in the UK, the deal is seen as a major victory for Prime Minister Boris Johnson’s administration.

Meanwhile, the COVID-19 pandemic continues to ravage nations across the world, with many countries still struggling to control the spread of the virus. The United States has seen a surge in cases and deaths in recent weeks, with Christmas and New Year’s festivities expected to exacerbate the situation. Several other countries, including Brazil and India, are also grappling with high case numbers.

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