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Introduction The development of technology and the increasing use of the internet have revolutionized the gambling industry. Online casinos have become an alternative to traditional land-based casinos and have gained popularity among gamblers because of the convenience they offer. The online gambling market is expected to grow in the coming years, Wales News Today and this trend has attracted many investors to invest in this sector. This study is aimed at analyzing the impact of online casinos on the gambling industry and the potential risks associated with online gambling.

The study will also investigate the challenges faced by online casinos and the regulatory measures put in place to ensure responsible gambling practices. Methodology The study will use a combination of primary and secondary data sources to gather and analyze data. Primary data will be collected through surveys and interviews with online casino players, gambling providers, and industry experts. Secondary data will be sourced from academic journals, books, and industry reports.

Literature Review Several studies have been conducted on online gambling, and most have focused on the impact of online gambling on individuals and the society. Online gambling is associated with addiction, and this has raised concerns over the potential harm it can cause to vulnerable individuals. A study by Castrén et al. (2013) found that online gambling addiction has a significant impact on the individual’s psychological and social well-being, and can lead to financial problems.

However, online gambling has also been shown to have several benefits. A study by Hing et al. (2014) found that online gambling can be a convenient way of accessing gambling activities for people who live in remote areas or have mobility problems. Online gambling can also offer a range of games and wagering options that are not available in traditional land-based casinos. The expansion of online gambling has led to increased competition in the gambling industry, and traditional brick and mortar casinos are facing a decline in revenue.

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