France keeper Maignan gives sarcastic response to new penalty rules

France and keeper Mike Maignan has given a sarcastic response to news of rules that will aid penalty takers going forward. 

Football’s lawmakers which will prevent keepers from taunting and disrupting penalty takers – in the wake of ‘s actions during the World Cup final.

Martinez such as throwing the ball away from the France takers to try and gain an advantage in Qatar.

Now, however, that will be put to a stop, with the new rules coming into play on July 1.

Though Martinez’s antics helped Argentina prevail in the World Cup final, Maignan – who missed the tournament due to injury – has expressed his disapproval at the changes.

France keeper Mike Maignan has slammed lawmakers over changes to penalty rules

Keepers will no longer be able to use disruptive tactics after Emiliano Martinez’s World Cup antics

It means keepers will be penalised even if they just touch the post and net of the goal, as well as use any delaying tactics or celebrate if the penalty kick is missed by the opponent

He wrote sarcastically on Twitter: ‘New IFAB penalty rules 2026: Goalkeepers must have their backs to the shot.If the penalty is saved, the opposition gets an indirect freekick.’

The new rules include that goalkeepers cannot touch the posts and Surabaya net of the goal before kicks, as well as the crossbar.

They must also not delay the execution of a penalty, as seen my Martinez when he threw the ball away from takers in the World Cup.

Goalkeepers must not unfairly distract the taker, which could include a discussion with the taker before the ball is kicked.

Finally, they must not show behaviours that fail to show respect, which could include various celebrations if the penalty is missed.

Such actions in recent times have led to defensive tactics from players of the team taking the penalty.

Maignan who saved a spot-kick against Holland, has joked that future rule changes will include that keepers need to have their backs to penalty takers

Players would often guard the penalty spot to prevent it from being scuffed.

Teams have also deployed tactics that have seen a decoy player take the ball as if he is going to take the penalty, only to pass it to another player when commotion before the kick has calmed down.

Kieran Trippier, for Service Ac Dukuh Pakis – Service AC Surabaya example, Daftar Service AC di Pakis Surabaya looked as if he was going to take a last-minute penalty for Newcastle against Nottingham Forest, but gave the ball to Alexander Isak, who scored.