Burning Questions of Eastwatch, GoTS7 E5

Welcome to Burning Questions of Game of Thrones, a weekly re-cap of the show devoted to theories and speculation. In other words, nerdgasm central.

Theories include Game of Thrones show and A Song of Ice and Fire book spoilers because on occasion I’ll refer to book wiki for a deeper interpretation of things that happen in the show. I’m a book nerd that is watching the show first this one time. So please watch where you step because


I won’t refer to any leaked plot information for season 7. Feel free to jump in the comments to give me your two cents.

How Many Men Can Make a Dragon Purr?

This scene was everything. For all of us fans desperate to have Jon Snow’s Targaryen roots acknowledged on the show, this little interlude between him and Drogon was a huge payoff. Truly squeal-worthy (yes I did, shut up.)
Jon withstood Drogon’s  growls like a true northerner, refusing to be intimidated by the sound that usually precedes 30 foot long flames and the smell of roasting humans. Jon was visibly petrified but refused to show fear. Then he went full Targaryen by removing his glove and extending

Jon pets drogon - Image: Edited screenshot

his hand up to Drogon to investigate. He actually stroked Drogon’s face, something Danny hasn’t been allowed to do. As I recall, Drogon flies off whenever Mom tries to get affectionate. Like a teenager. Apparently, Drogon smelled family, because the fire-breathing beast became all docile and chill, purring at Jon and batting his eyes at him.

We know that in this universe dragons only bond with Targaryen humans and only Targaryens can ride them (there are some instances of other humans riding them, but it takes time, which no one in Westeros has right now). So Drogon’s sweetness pretty much confirmed that R+L+ J and that J will be riding a dragon before the end of the series. Yay, woohoo!!! 

What’s in Drogon’s Eye?

I watched this scene a few times and I did think there was something in Drogon’s eye, but I didn’t see a regular reflection, so I moved on. But elsewhere on the interwebs, people say they see clues in the Dragon’s pupil, so I took another look. And I do see something, but other people have seen other things. I darkened the image and increased the contrast to bring out the image of the eye. One thing is obvious, it’s three-dimensional, and there are many shades and colors visible. But what shapes exactly? I know what I see. What do you see? Take a look and leave your opinions in the comments.

Drogon's pupil

I’ll just leave this here for your perusal because


Tyrion unshackles Rhaegal and Viseryion,

Will Bronn Survive?

It is so good to see Bronn again, but he has pissed off two queens in n as many weeks. His chances of survival are dwindling fast. Now that Cersei has marked him for death, he’ll probably be joining Daenerys’s crew. Will he steal some of the Lannister gold before he leaves? Or will Cersei kill him before Jaime can stop her? Run, Bronn. Run fast.

Wait, Cersei’s Pregnant?

The unimaginable demon seed taking shape in Cersei’s body will probably never see the light of day. If we’re lucky. The pregnancy will serve to dial down Cersei’s blood lust just a pinch because she’s thinking of leaving a legacy for the unborn child. Killing everything that walks isn’t how you do that. However, she is extremely paranoid now about loyalty and betrayal, so expect many more innocents to die. Just not all of them.

How Deep is Cersei’s Cray?

It’s incredible to hear people asking if Cersei will turn in to a Mad Queen. She blew up a church full of innocent people. A Church. What in the holy hell qualifies as crazy if not that? She is the Mad Queen. She’s getting crazier by the day: She’s open within the Red Keep about her relationship with Jaime. Now she’s planning to go all the way public by naming Jaime as the father of her child.

When Jaime tells her that people won’t like that (child of incest #4), Cersei quotes Tywin to him: “The Lion doesn’t concern itself with the opinions of the sheep.” Okay then. If she proclaims her pregnancy throughout Westeros like any other happy event, I give the Red Keep 12 hours before it’s burned to the ground and/or torn down brick by brick by disgusted subjects. No dragons required.

Tyrion’s words to Cersei in season 2 after she threatens him with finding and destroying his relationship with Shae come to mind.

The day will come, when you think you’re safe and happy, and your joy will turn to ashes in your mouth. And you will know the debt is paid.

How much more safe and happy than a pregnant Queen? And ashes. Sounds like fire to me. Dragon fire? Wild fire? A match? Friggin’ Targaryens.

When Will Daenerys Realize that Dracarys Isn’t a Policy?

Drogon Meets Jon Snow
If my mommy were Lyanna Mormont, I wouldn’t be rude to the guests.

Telling people to support you or die by dragon fire is no way to build a loyal following. Fear just hides your enemies and makes you new ones. Terrifying people into pledging support is what Cersei does, and Cersei is The Mad Queen. At most, Daenerys is only Mad adjacent.

Daenerys still listens to her advisors — sure she goes rogue at times — but she knows that rule by Dragon fire isn’t sustainable in the long term. She needs a new path to continue her overthrow of Westeros. When will she realize this?

Does it Matter that Sam is Now Sir Samwell Tarly of Horn Hill? 

Not at the moment. He has the only part of his inheritance that matters now, the Valyrian Sword.

Where is he Going?

My Guess is that he will report to Castle Black, but will eventually send Gilly and baby Sam to safety at Winterfell after failing to convince her to go wait out the war at Horn Hill. Oh and whatever is left of his army will now back Winterfell, so there’s that.

Is Gendry Going to Die?

Oh man, I hope they didn’t bring him back just to kill him. But I really don’t think that’s the case. I really believe he will be Jon’s brother in battle, something Jon needs but has never had. Jon has close friends and advisers like Sam and Davos, but no one who has his back on the battlefield and is his equal. Tormund is somewhat, but by necessity, they have to work in different locations. There is no one who even comes close in Jon’s circle. Gendry (and his hammer) are that buddy ride or die friend that Jon needs. The guy to knock back the ale and talk about battles with. Gendry himself said that he was honest with Jon about his identity because their fathers were friends, so why shouldn’t they be?  This friendship has the potential to be something truly special for Jon, who often feels he’s fighting all these battles on his own. However, as Azor Ahai, Jon’s destiny is to be unique and to fight a battle that only he can win.

Davos is Brilliant.

Just look at the search results for Fermented Crab after Game of Thrones went on the air.

PicMonkey Image

What’s the Deal Between Arya and Sansa?

Arya and Sansa at odds is not as serious a problem as it seems. the sisters were never close as children and are just getting used to each other again after years apart. Arya’s favorite sibling was always Jon Snow. Jon understood her and accepted her. It was Jon who had needle made for her just before she went to King’s Landing. It is the same sword she just used to spar with Brienne, the sword which she has far outgrown. Needle is her connection to Jon.

In challenging Sansa about her power in Winterfell she’s looking out for her brother, protecting the turf she thinks is important to him. The Broody One could care less about being King in the North, but Arya doesn’t know that. She knows Sansa. She knows that Sansa wants to be Queen, and she wants to ensure that Jon’s position isn’t stolen out from under him. Jon could care less. I’m convinced that if he was told that he’s the rightful King of Westeros tomorrow, he’d be annoyed. Inconvenienced. Imposed upon. He’d frown that adorable frown and whisper, “Fuuuuuuuuucccccckkkkk.” 

What About the Letter?

It could be obvious: Littlefinger playing Arya and Sansa against each other, by making Arya believe that her sister is disloyal to Jon and to the North. But jeez, that’s so obvious. I mean, that’s kindergarten level Littlefinger.

More interesting equally plausible alternatives: Sansa could be playing both Littlefinger and Arya. If she’s learned anything from Cersei, it’s to trust no one. She may have told LF to obtain the letter because she was afraid that it would be used against her. She could have told Arya that she believed LF would use the letter against her. And she would sit back and see who would do what. Except that letter would totally be the end of her future ruling the north if it gets out to the other houses. A dangerous thing to play games with.

Arya could be pretending to fall into Littlefinger’s trap for any number of reasons, all of which end with a knife in his neck. She suspects him of something, which is why she’s following him, but would she be quite so obvious about it after her faceless man training? Shouldn’t she be invisibly following him around? Perhaps with another face? Arya could definitely be up to something here.

Will We Ever See Jon Snow Laugh Uncontrollably?

Okay, this is just me being silly. In the last few episodes they’ve really milked the humor about Jon’s brooding – Tyrion told him “You’re making me feel bad about my brooding- like I’m doing it wrong. This week was even more hilarious.

image (3)

Jon: (brooding) I thought Arya was dead. I thought Bran was dead.

Daenerys: I’m very happy for you.

Jon: *frowny face*

Daenerys: You don’t look happy.

so yeah they’re referencing Jon’s lack of hilarity. It would be wonderful to have a scene where he’s all smiles and laughter. Yeah, yeah, I know. In my dreams. Moving on.

Wait, What did Gilly Just Say?

Who else had to rewind because they missed it the first time? This HUGE REVEAL was brilliantly done, a casual line during a scene about something else entirely.

After getting a meh reaction from the Maesters regarding the definitely moving army of the dead, Sam is sitting with Gilly going over all the dusty tomes he’s been told to transcribe. He’s fuming because the old Maesters aren’t taking the threat seriously. Meanwhile, Gilly is practicing her reading and devouring arcane historical facts about Westeros. She seems to be reading a history by Maester Maynard. who besides his bowel movements, recorded that he performed an anullment and secret marriage for a Prince “ragger”…and Sam goes off on a tirade that ends in them leaving the Citadel for good.

They don’t even realize what they’ve revealed. Another squeal-worthy moment (what? I’m an emotional viewer. Sue me) and one that’s sure to be referenced later. The record means that Prince Rhaegar (Jon’s father), married his mother Lyanna Stark before he was born, making him the legitimate heir to the throne, with a claim stronger than Daernerys. Jon Targaryen is the true King of Westeros. Of course, he knows nothing about this. But neither does anyone else.

Plan? What Plan?

They weren’t even drunk when they thought of it, although it was Tyrion’s idea originally, so wine played a part. He’s batting zero lately, so I have no hope that this plan will be successful, but it will certainly be entertaining to watch.

Since Bran has sent them a Raven confirming that the Army of the dead is marching towards Eastwatch, Jon plans on heading back North asap. But without any men or Dragons from Daernerys, there’s small hope they’ll survive the onslaught. The possibility of help from Cersei is non-existent. Unless the threat is shown to her, live and in person. So instead of say, getting Bronn or Jaime with a few of their soldiers to make the hike north with them so they can tell Cersei the threat is real, they decide the way to prove the threat to Cersei is to capture a wight and take it to Westeros and show her the threat. Yeah. Yeah, that sounds like it’ll cough, workcough, cough DISASTER.

What the Ever-loving Fuck Kind of Plan is this?

A stupid plan. A very stupid plan. And it gets worse. 

You would think that they would ask Dany for a few Unsullied or Dothraki to swell their numbers.

You would be wrong.

You would think that they would stop at Castle Black to say, pick up some of the Night’s Watch? The men who know Jon, and know the territory beyond the wall better than anyone in Westeros. You would think they’d be the first stop for this mission to obtain reinforcements and guides and fighters. After all, some of them have fought wights before.

You would be wrong.

You would think that they would stop at Winterfell for provisions and so that Jon could say hi to his two youngest siblings whom he thought dead. And to obtain more weapons.

You would be wrong.

By the time they cross the gate at Eastwatch it’s Jon, Gendry, the Hound, Ser Jorah, Beric and Thoros, Tormund, a couple of other nameless wildlings, a few spindly swords against the



What could possibly go wrong?

Click back next week so we can discuss at length. 

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