The Best Restaurants in Tokyo

The Best Restaurants in Tokyo: The Best Food Options in Japan

With a population of over nine million people, it’s no wonder that the restaurant choices make up only a fraction of Tokyo’s best restaurants. Delicious food is available everywhere in Tokyo due to the many innovative and highly talented chefs. Tokyo serves everything from sushi and ramen to international food, making the city one of the best food destinations in the world. follow us for more

Sushi number Midori Ginza – Fresh Sushi Rich in Taste

Sushi restaurants can be found everywhere in Tokyo, but there are only a few areas that can balance quality and price. At Sushi Midori Ginza, guests can enjoy fresh and high-quality sashimi, sushi and soup at affordable prices. This restaurant is one of the best casual food options in Tokyo, with plenty of areas throughout the city to satisfy all sushi fans.

Mominoki House – Vegetarian and Vegan Food

While seafood options dominate menus at many restaurants, there are also many interesting vegetarian and vegan options in Tokyo. One of the best is Mominoki House, a cozy restaurant in the Shibuya area. The talented chefs at this restaurant are dedicated to creating delicious meals using naturally grown ingredients.

Hiroo Onogi – A Taste of Japan with a Modern Blend

No one serves classic Japanese food like the chefs at Hiroo Onogi. The menu focuses on seafood, but also mixes food ingredients and unique flavor combinations to leave you curious. Modern furniture and friendly staff create a comfortable setting, perfect for a casual lunch or dinner with friends.

Towers – Common Food with Great Taste

Open for breakfast, lunch, and dinner, Towers is a restaurant that you should definitely include in your Tokyo itinerary. Simplicity can be found in everything, both in the menu choices and in the modern and elegant decor. One of the best features of this restaurant is its location which is on the 45th floor. Enjoy the view of Tokyo from a height while enjoying delicious food at Towers.

Butagumi – Premium Pork Cutlet

The menu at Butagumi could focus on a single dish, but this one thing is their specialty. The tonkatsu (crumbly fried pork cutlet) served here is considered one of the best in Tokyo. The chef at this small and cozy restaurant ensures that all food ingredients, including cooking oil and breadcrumbs, are of premium quality.

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