Cafe with an Instagramable

Cafe with an Instagramable and Delicious Menu

Seoul has a lot of the best cafes in South Korea, which apart from having cute interiors, also have very Instagramable food and drinks. These stylish cafes in Seoul are spread from the Myeongdong area to Itaewon. The concept is also varied, ranging from ordinary cafes to bistros. Explore Seoul with various public transportation using the T-Money Card that can be ordered on Klook without any hassle, and start doing your cafe hopping These 11 cafes in Seoul are not only stylish, but also have unique food and drinks that taste delicious in every bite. Find out which cafes you need to visit while in Seoul and invite your friends to explore these cafes on your trip to South Korea!

1. C. Through Cafe

If you are interested in latte art, C.Through Cafe will be your favorite place. Lee Kang Bin, who is the owner and barista at this cafe, will create your drink with a latte art called Cream Art. Using coffee brewed using the Dutch Coffee technique as a canvas and garnished with delicate sweet cream, Lee draws live latte art by hand. From as simple as a tree of colored flowers, to Van Gogh’s famous and intricate painting of Starry Night, this coffee drink by Lee is a real pleasure to drink! You can even order a drink with a special design, but you have to make a reservation first via Instagram, because this custom drink is only made once a day.

2. Old Ferry Donuts

If you claim to be a donut lover, you must include Old Ferry Donut as one of the must-visit places in Seoul! Just a 5-minute walk from Hangangjin Station, this seafaring-style, wood-accented cafe in Seoul specializes in donuts, from classic donuts with toppings to oversized, bountiful fillings.

3. Egg Drops

For you egg yolk lovers, Egg Drop is a cafe in Seoul that you must visit! This cafe provides a variety of Korean street toast, which is a variant of the classic egg sandwich but with a Korean twist.
Egg Drop has a menu with various Korean toast dishes. Made with a few slices of brioche toast, most of the sandwiches here are very thick. Moreover, coupled with scrambled egg filling and other fillings that you can choose!

4. Peach Grey

There’s no place in Seoul better than Peach Gray if you’re into all things artistic. Every food or drink that you order at this place will be served with a watercolor palette and brushes, as well as several sheets of paper that you can use. If you prefer to color rather than draw with watercolors, you can request pre-drawn paper here as well. Pancakes, which are the highlight here, take 20 minutes to make, and while you’re waiting, you can make your own art creations using the watercolors provided.

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