This is the Best Spa Tour in the World

This is the Best Spa Tour in the World

Vacations don’t just mean going to the beach, hunting for culinary delights, museums, mountains, caves or water parks. For those of you who care about your health while on holiday, now there are many alternative tourist destinations that offer spa tourism or spa tourism. The term ‘Spa’ itself is derived from Latin, namely Salus per Aquam and means healthy because of water.

It is said that ancient people often went to hot springs and cold springs in the hope of curing their illnesses. And now, there are many countries that offer spa tours conducted directly by professional hands to rejuvenate the body, soul and mind. Travelers, curious to know about the world’s best spa tours?

Baden-Baden (Germany)

In Europe, Baden-Baden is known as one of the best thermal spas in the world. The tradition of Baden-Baden as a spa resort has existed since 2000 years ago. Now, there are 12 thermal springs in this place and are often used for therapy. The mineral content of lithium, salicylic acid, boric acid, cesium, manganese, magnesium, copper, zinc and cobalt makes more and more visitors come because this place is rich in minerals that are good for health. You could say that this place is a location for alternative medicine, starting from the heart, rheumatism, joints and breathing.

Thermal Spa (Türkiye)

Turkey has extraordinary geothermal resources and has great potential for health tourism. Many tourists visit thermal spas for various purposes, such as health, beauty, getting rid of stress, and refreshing body and soul. Every year, around 7,000,000 people come from various parts of the world to take advantage of spa tourism because the water sources are rich in sulfur, salt and radon minerals so they are good for health. There are quite a lot of diseases that can be cured, such as skin problems, rheumatism and nerves. The favorite destination for tourists who come for spa tourism in Türkiye is Pamukkale. The place is very unique because the pool is multi-tiered and formed from carbonate minerals. Amazing!

Spa Land Centum City (South Korea)

Spa Land Centum City in the city of Busan, South Korea is a very large modern jjimjilbang (Korean sauna/spa) in the Shinsegae Department Store Centum City. The water used for bathing and swimming pools is pumped directly from two types of hot springs at a depth of 100 meters underground and has been sterilized 36 times. The sodium bicarbonate compound from this hot spring is used in beauty baths (soaking for beauty purposes) which is good for removing dead skin cells and making the skin more radiant. Meanwhile, the sodium chloride compound from this hot spring is similar to sea water and has a heat-preservation effect (warming effect) and is good for blood circulation and relieves pain due to nerves and back pain.

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