7 Savory Pies from Various Countries, Their Deliciousness Will Make You Fly

7 Savory Pies from Various Countries, Their Deliciousness Will Make You Fly

Apart from the sweet taste, serving the pie with a savory taste is no less appetizing. This cake, which is identical to its round shape, turns out that several countries in the world have their own characteristics. Like the pies from eight countries below. Do you think you would be interested in trying a typical pie from which country first?

1. Quiche, France

Quiche lorraine, quiche florentine, and quiche provençale are some of the famous savory pies in France. This savory pie is made from eggs, cream, cheese and filled with spinach, meat, sea fish or mushrooms. Served hot or cold, it’s still delicious, you know.

2. Kurnik, Russia

This savory pie made from meat, kasha, mushrooms, beans, potatoes and vegetables is called, kurnik. It is a typical Russian savory pie that is usually served at big events, such as weddings or religious events. The savory taste and soft texture of this pie will make it hard to forget.

3. Pot pie, United States

Regarding pot pie which has a long history, America has now created a special day for this savory and delicious dish, namely National Great American Pot Pie Day which is held every September 23.

The ingredients for pot pie filling are usually chicken, beef, turkey, lamb, peas, potatoes and carrots. The dry texture on the outside and soft on the inside makes anyone reluctant to leave while enjoying it.

4. Pastilla, Morocco

The combination of pigeon or chicken, eggs, almonds, cinnamon, saffron, nutmeg, ginger and sugar is the characteristic of pastilla pie.

Pastilla itself is adopted from Spanish, pastry. Now, this pie, which is known for its rich taste, is not only made with chicken filling. But in the form of fish, squid, shrimp or rice noodles. You definitely want to try it, right?

5. Shepherd’s pie, England

Shepherd’s pie usually combines ingredients such as lamb or goat, carrots, onions, sauce, marjoram, parsley and black pepper. Shepherd’s pie is very delicious served while still hot.

This pie, which is named after the shepherd, corresponds to its initial appearance. Yup, Shepherd’s pie was discovered by shepherds from England and Scotland in the 1800s.

Then in 1870 it started to become popular until now. Have you ever tasted delicious Shepherd’s pie?

6. Pastel de Choclo, Chile

Apart from Chile, pastel de choclo is also very popular in Peru, Argentina and Bolivia. Corn is the main ingredient in this savory pie. With other ingredients in the form of ground beef, eggs, black olives, raisins and onions, the combination of sweet and savory flavors of this pie is really appetizing.

7. Bacon and egg pie, New Zealand

The combination of savory cake, egg yolk and bacon is a typical New Zealand pie. This dish with quite simple ingredients is best served when it is cold. You can add sauce according to your taste to make it more appetizing. And don’t forget to visit our site by follow us for more

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