Most Popular Types of Yoga, Which is Most Suitable for You?

Most Popular Types of Yoga, Which is Most Suitable for You?

When you try yoga for the first or second time, you may be wondering which type of yoga best suits your needs. So, this article might help you choose or even try all the movements as part of your “yoga journey”. The following is a review of popular types of yoga styles that you may often hear about or encounter at yoga studios around you.

1. Hatha yoga

Most of the common types of yoga you do today fall under Hatha yoga. This is because the basic movements of yoga usually focus on aligning physical exercise with breathing.

If you’ve heard of Ashtanga, Vinyasa, Iyengar, and Power yoga, these types of yoga styles can also be classified as Hatha yoga. Although perhaps in practice, the tempo or pace of Hatha yoga will feel calmer or slower.

2. Vinyasa yoga

This type of yoga usually flows dynamically and requires coordination between physique, posture and breath. Vinyasa yoga usually has a faster tempo and freestyle means it doesn’t have a standard sequence as long as you follow the practice.

However, usually your yoga teacher or instructor always guides the class from start to finish with a specific goal. For example, today’s session is to strengthen arm muscles, the next session, focus on backbends, or in one session you get poses that are useful for all parts of your body.

3. Ashtanga yoga

Rather than Hatha yoga which tends to be slower, Ashtanga yoga is a type of yoga that is very dynamic, very intense, and often feels very athletic. In Ashtanga yoga, there is a series of poses that you must follow which are usually referred to as the Ashtanga series.

There are two methods for practicing Ashtanga yoga, namely Led Class with teacher or instructor guidance and Mysore, where you will practice by following a series of postures, for example the Primary series without teacher guidance. However, the yoga teacher will remain in the room to observe and help adjust yoga postures for beginners.

4. Iyengar yoga

This type of yoga focuses on precise posture and pays close attention to detailed body anatomy. Often you will be in one pose for a long time, then usually there will also be modification of the posture using assistive devices, such as blocks, straps, or wall ropes.

This type of yoga movement is very systematic and usually has the aim of increasing body strength, flexibility and body stability. Iyengar yoga can also be useful as therapy to treat certain body conditions.

5. Hot yoga

When doing Hot yoga, you will actually practice yoga in a heated room. One of the most popular is Bikram yoga, which is yoga that you do in a hot room at around 42 Celsius with a series of 26 fixed postures.

If you often travel or travel and want to practice yoga between trips, you can practice Bikram yoga in a hot room and the same series of postures.

Hot yoga is suitable for those of you who want to enjoy the sensation of sweat pouring out while exercising, because the hot room temperature seems to have a detox effect that is beneficial for body health and follow us for more.

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