The Most Famous Delicious Mexican Food

The Most Famous Delicious Mexican Food

Mexican food may not be as well known as French food or other western food. Even though Mexican food is also very delicious with a taste similar to Indonesian food. This Mexican food could be an alternative food if ENDEUSiast doesn’t really like western food with a creamy and thick taste. One of the characteristics of Mexican food is its spicy taste, making it suitable for Indonesians.


Tacos are one of the world’s famous Mexican foods. This food is made from folded tortilla bread with filling in the middle. Tortillas can be made from corn flour and wheat flour which are shaped flat. Tacos are usually served with a filling of minced meat, vegetables, avocado, and avocado sauce or guacamole. Before being filled with filling, taco shells are usually baked first until the texture is dry.


Apart from tacos, another popular Mexican food is nachos. This food has the same ending as tacos because it is made from corn tortillas. Nachos is a food made from corn chips doused with cheese sauce or salsa. To make it taste more delicious, corn chips are usually topped with red beans, vegetables and minced meat. This food is usually served as an appetizer or snack.


If in Turkey there are kebabs, in Mexico there is a food that is also similar, namely burritos. This food is made from tortillas that are filled and then rolled. The filling for these burritos can be nuts, vegetables, minced meat, and can also be topped with stir-fried rice or avocado sauce or guacamole.


Churros are one of the most popular Mexican foods. This food is made from a fried mixture of flour, butter, sugar and milk. The process of making churros is similar to eclairs or choux pastry, only the dough is fried. After that, churros are served sprinkled with cinnamon and sugar or with chocolate sauce.


This Mexican food is similar to an Indonesian food, namely corn lepet. Tamales are a Mexican food made from corn flour and wrapped in leaves and then cooked. Different from corn lepets, tamales are usually filled with fillings such as meat, cheese, chilies, nuts and other fillings. The leaves usually used to wrap tamales are corn husks or banana leaves and click here.

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