Burning Questions of the Season 8 Game of Thrones Trailer

Game of thrones season 8

Here we go people, The Long Night is almost over and the millions of desperate fans around the world have finally gotten of taste of “the wars to come” in Westeros.

As usual, series creators Dan and Dave have ratcheted up the cruelty quotient to the Nth degree, giving us hints and misdirects that we addicts will spend hours upon hours analyzing and theorizing about because what else do we have?

The nights are dark. Like, really really dark. I could barely make out anything during the first few seconds of the trailer. Do they even want us to see it?

Spoilers for Seasons 1-7 but absolutely no spoilers or leaks of season 8.


What is Arya Running From?

This is scary as fuck. Arya is a trained assassin with a dragonstone blade and a valyrian steel dagger, and she’s terrified in this clip. Runniing through what looks like the Winterfell Crypts, she’s ducking and dodging in a way we’ve never seen.

If this scene takes place in the crypts or anywhere in Winterfell, then it makes sense that she would be running from a wight. I don’t think it’s the Night King because Jon would have already shared that Valyrian Steel destroys them. She has the dagger, so she wouldn’t be this petrified of the Night King.She could slay multiple wights like a knife through butter, with her skills with a dragonglass spear.

I think She’s running from a wight, but not just any wight. It’s Rickon or Ned (holding his head) or Sansa. Those are the only two undead that I think would frighten her that much.
It could also be that this is the end of the battle and she’s the lone survivor. That’s pretty frightening.


Why are they hiding in the crypts?
This is a bad idea. White Walkers raise the dead and the crypts are full of them.
Doesn’t Varys have a Move?

He’s the top strategist in Westeros (now that Littlefinger is gone), canny enough to orchestrate the restoration of the Targaryen Queen, but has nothing to fight the Night King? Not one idea, or secret weapon, nothing? I’m not buying it. I think he’s already reached out to the Golden Company, mark my words.


Who is Arya shit-talking with?

Arya is holding a dragonglass dagger in this shot, so I think she may be speaking with Jon. He just gave her the dragonglass dagger in a mirror of the scene where he gave her needle back in season 1. This scene is obviously before the battle begins. She thinks she knows death, but she knows nothing.


Are those ships Theon’s or Euron’s?

The three lone ships in the establishing shot are likely Theon’s. But the next shot showing the Golden Company is part of Euron’s fleet, which you can tell by the number of ships in the background. I don’t think Yara made it.

What’s the Golden Company Going to Do?

I said at the end of season 7 that they would break the contract and they will. I’ll elaborate when we get to Cersei’s shot but you should know that the Golden Company was founded by a Blackfyre — a Targaryen bastard — and many of the soldiers in the company are Blackfyre and Targaryen descendants.

Is that BlackFyre on Harry’s Hip?

I think so. Blackfyre, House Targaryen’s ancient Valyrian sword was wielded by King Aegon the Conqueror, and almost every Targaryen king thereafter. The sword was in the possession of a Blackfyre (Targaryen bastard) who founded the Golden Company.

There’s something magical about all the great Valyrian swords of Westeros appearing to defend the living during the final battle against the dead.
Ice=Oathkeeper and Widow’s Wail. Heartsbane, Longclaw,…Brightfyre. Cat’s Paw, Arya’s dagger, is rumored to have been forged from part of Visenya Targaryen’s sword, Dark Sister. The only sword still missing is House Lannister’s Bright Roar. It might well turn up on one of the Golden Company’s men.

Tormund, Beric and Dolorous Ed…where’s the Night’s Watch?

Castle Black is probably Tormund’s and Beric’s first stop along with any others who survived the collapse of the wall. I think many of the Night’s Watch will desert when word gets out the dead are on the move, and nothing but a small contingent will remain to ride for Winterfell to help defend it. They will probably all die during the battle. Valar Morghulis, guys.

Who is Bran speaking to?

In the voiceover, Jon Snow, Aejon (as I like to call him) Targaryen, son of Lyanna and Rhaegar and heir to the Iron Throne. I’m sure he and Bran will have a long talk after Jon finds out he’s been sleeping with his aunt. He may be despondent and confused, but Bran will remind him that his whole life has prepared him for this moment in history. Bran is telling him this is his moment.

What are Bran and Sam talking about?

Everything. Sam is the intrepid researcher trying to come up with a way to end the White Walkers for good and Bran is like the old computer loaded with files. Sam goes to him for confirmation and clarification when he discovers something important in the books.

What does Sam’s frosted breath mean?

That Winter is here. If the night king is really responsible for the drop in temperature, then he’s there to talk to Bran. Which means that Bran may not survive the Battle of Winterfell.


Missandei and Grey Worm!

Yeah they’re both dead. RIP.


Why does Qyburn look so concerned?

Cersei’s evil smirk is nothing new, but Qyburn’s expression is, and we should be worried.
This is the man who re-animated the Mountain in his laboratory, had children murder Maester Pycelle, and handed Cersei the weapon she used for a massacre. At a church. When he looks at Cersei like this, some next-level shit is in play.

My guess? Cersei has decided to send the Golden Company to attack the North, so that they have battles on two fronts. Or, she wants the Golden Company to kill Euron and take his fleet and then attack the North.

If she has any brain cells left, she will send half the company, not all of them. Anyway, that’s when the army will turn on her.

How will the North take Jon’s revelations?

Not well. They distrust Targaryens on principle, and now The King in the North has bent the knee and brought home the dragon queen to subjugate them. That’s what they will think. But Sansa and Arya will help the north see the advantages of the alliance (dragonfire, people). The whole Jon is a Targaryen thing won’t be as hard to sell because he’s a Stark raised in the North. They know him. Also, there’s no time for such petty concerns. Winter is here.

Will Sansa bend the Knee?

Sansa will do what she has to do to ensure the survivial of Winterfell and the North. Remember she told Arya that getting people to cooperate and work together is a better strategy than murder.

She also told Jon that she admired Cersei for killing all her enemies. She may have something up her sleeve.
“Whenever I’m trying to figure out a person’s motives I play a little game…”


How will Daenerys and Jon handle the uh…auntcest? And their competing claims to the throne?

Incest will be difficult for Jon to deal with. Jon’s claim to the throne will be difficult for Daenerys to deal with. After the dead are dealt with, if there’s anything left to rule, she may throw down the gauntlet. But I don’t think she’ll survive.


Gendry! Will Gendry and Arya Hook Up?

People, people, we have a war to win. Gendry will have been forging every conceivable type of weapon from the dragonglass, and possibly even Valyrian Steel. He has no time for…ok maybe one time the night before the battle starts. We’ve waited SO long.
Also, word in Westeros is [spoiler alert, maybe] that he is forging some type of dragonglass armor for the dragons.


Is Jorah Wielding Heartsbane?

I can’t tell but it would make sense. Even though Sam will probably be fighting with the rest of the men, he is hardly a skilled swordsman. He has used dragon glass before and may feel more comfortable with that.

Then again, why wouldn’t Sam use his Valyrian steel during the battle? He could kill tons of WhiteWalkers. This may mean that Sam can’t wield it anymore. Oh My God.


Why is Cersei laughing/crying/drinking?

Lena Hedy is a phenomenal actor. It’s taken me a while to decipher her expressions in this clip. It looks like she succeeded or got something that she wanted, but whatever it is cost her dearly.

I don’t think this is when she finds out about Jaime. It could be when she finds out that she miscarried.

It may be after she has to sleep with Euron, or does something even crazier that works out in her favor (stay tuned for my next post). Whatever it is, it’s bad news for us all.


Holy Dragons! Where are they? What are they doing?

Aejon has to ride Rhaegal this season, otherwise why is he even a Targaryen? We already know that Drogon actually purred when Jon touched him, so I don’t think there will be a huge learning curve.

The dragons swooping around this snowy canyon may be Dany and Jon practicing his technique, or even just relaxing playing around being Targaryens.


Is that a wolf or wolves running with the horses at Winterfell?

Even lightened and enhanced, I can’t see any wolves here. I want Nymeria and her pack to join Ghost for the fight against the dead.

What I really want to see is the wolves fight the polar bears in a knock-down drag out bloodbath. But the puny episode lengths that were just revealed mean we’ll barely get the main story told properly. 58 minutes? Bite me Dan and Dave.


Will fight Daenerys and Aejon the dead together?

I don’t think so. Because of the immense danger, it makes sense to split the King and Queen up.

Daenerys may head south to take care of Cersei, especially if the north gets wind of another approaching army. I think we’ll get a shot or two of them together, but I don’t think Dany will stay at Winterfell for the full battle.


What about Jaime?

Jaime will fight. If he survives the battle, which I doubt, Arya will end him. If he dies in the battle, he will die in Brienne’s arms. Either way, Arya will take his face and head south. Perhaps on a dragon.


Why are Jon and the Stark forces running into the crypts?

Either the army of the dead has made it into the crypts (where women and children are hiding), or worse – dead Starks are rising from their graves. Either way, it’s horrific, and I can’t wait.

Where’s Bronn?

That’s a good question. I’d love to think that he rode north with Jaime, but perhaps not. He wanted his gold, his castle and his high-born wife. Maybe Cersei paid him to get him to stay put.


What’s happening in the throne room?

Euron and Harry Strickland are waiting for the Golden Company to enter and meet the Queen.

What has made Aejon go pray by the weirwood tree?

Oh pick a crisis. White Walkers and Co. approaching, Finally finding out his true identity, Finding out his baby sister is an assassin (convenient, but still), Finding out he’s been boinking his aunt, the possible pregnancy of said aunt, and what he will do if he survives the battle. If he doesn’t want the Iron throne, what will he do?

What’s up with Tyrion?

Tyrion barely gets two seconds of time in this trailer, and if you notice the ground where he’s standing, it’s not frozen or covered in snow. Also, he’s not wearing a coat.

So where is he? And why isn’t he in Winterfell? This actually backs up my theory that Daenerys will go to King’s Landing before the battle of Winterfell is over. Although it was snowing in King’s Landing at the end of last season, the shots in the trailer show snowless city. Thu is interesting an vaguely unsettling. Winter is everywhere except Kings Landing. Why?

Why would Tyrion accompany Daenerys to King’s Landing? To try to prevent Cersei’s death. He may lie to Dany in order to save her, and this will be the end of him.

Why are Winterfell forces standing outside the castle motionless, waiting for the dead to attack?

Wouldn’t trenches full of fire surrounding Winterfell be a good idea? Granted, White Walkers are impervious to fire, but wights are not. A ring of fire can’t hurt. It seems wrong to just stand there and wait to be attacked, but this must be part of a strategy we’re not aware of. The Battle of the Bastards started this way, but the Boltons were humans (barely). That shot and the fighting on the battlements makes me think there’s some kind of siege that happens, and then Winterfell gets overrun.

Who will sit on the Iron Throne?

There will be no throne. There will be no kingdoms. There will just be survivors. Valar Morghulis.


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