Burning Questions of Game of Thrones S8E2, A Knight of the Seven Kingdoms

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A Knight of the Seven Kingdoms S8E2
Oh the tears. This episode was just wringing the emotion from us every second, so that we’ll have extra pain when they kill everyone next week.
The crypts will be completely safe, right?

Aejon in the crypts
How many times did they say that the place where all the dead Starks are buried is a safe place to hide from the monster who RAISES THE DEAD?
It’s gonna be a blood bath down there, I can’t wait.
Who else laughed when Daenerys asked Aejon for his opinion about Jaime?

His sigh was hilarious.
He’s such a natural leader, its funny to see him just as aggravated as any other guy caught between his family and the woman he loves. His expression was perfect. He spent the rest of the episode avoiding Daenerys like the plague.
What did we learn from Jaime’s trial?

Jamie's trial
It illuminated the difference between Sansa and Daenerys as leaders. They are both tough, and initially agreed that Jaime was a traitor that deserved death. Sansa was able to change her decision because of her trust in Brienne. Daenerys was upset and expected Jon to back her up. She called him “Warden of the North,” to hammer home that she regarded his decision as final, not Sansa’s. Her anger, while understandable from a human standpoint, is not the way a Queen or a politician in hostile territory should behave when trying to win support.
It was great to hear Jaime’s truth from Tyrion, wasn’t it?


Jaime has had quite a trajectory and has evolved from the arrogant young lion he was in season 1, but his relationship with Cersei is something he hasn’t faced the truth about. He impregnated her after she burned a church full of people and caused their only surviving son to commit suicide. His throwaway line “she fooled me more than anybody,” would have gone unchallenged by anyone else. Tyrion would never let him get away with that. “She never fooled you. You always knew exactly what she was. You loved her anyway.” Bravo.
Tyrion might just survive this battle. What did he learn from Bran?

Is it just me, or is there something about Tyrion that suggests a hidden agenda or plan b of some sort? Also, that coversation with Bran must have been very informative. Also, the fact that Jorah lobbied on his behalf with the Dragon Queen makes it seem like Tyrion has more to do.
Why did Jorah step in to advise Daenerys?

He sees Daenerys becoming more inflexible and he’s trying to reverse that. Also, He’s a Northerner he sees the mistrust they have toward Daenerys and is trying to get her to do whats best for her future as Queen. If she had a talent for diplomacy, Daenerys would have thought of this herself.
Who’s the true Queen?


Sansa Stark, bitches. I know, I used to hate her too, but she get’s more regal and powerful in every episode. She was conciliatory when Daenerys extended an olive branch. She even thanked her for bringing her armies, which was the right thing to do . But she made sure to remind Daenerys that Northern independence is crucial, and it is her goal and the goal of her people. She didn’t fall for the Daenerys’s simpering smiles. Sansa learned her moves from Cersei and Littlefinger. Daenerys is not worthy, lol.
What’s Daenerys’s Problem, Anyway?

Bend the knee or die

She’s a natural despot. Fire and blood were her tools to end slavery, but you can’t rule long term that way. She surrounded herself with advisors to teach her to be less barbaric. Bend the knee or die isn’t a sustainable policy. But it seems she’s less tolerant of compromise of any sort, and more egotistical. For example, what’s the big deal if she gives the Northerners their independence? Didn’t she want to break the wheel? What happened to that? But her face when Sansa said “What about the North?” Scary.
Who’s this little sweetheart?

No idea, but she’s going to die in the crypts and we’ll see her turn into a wight. She will then kill Davos. Because Dan and Dave are fucking savages.
What are these things?

Glad you asked. You couldn’t miss these huge spiky things covered in dragonglass all over Winterfell. Like most things in this story, these weapons are based on a smaller, ancient weapon dating back to ancient Rome called a caltrop. They were dedigned to stop people, horses, chariots etc. Why are these so huge? I can’t even.
What did we learn from the war council?
Ooooh that’s a lot of dead army. Yikes

The Night King’s objective is…what?
Obliterating humanity and any record of humanity, check. There has to be more to this objective, and I hope we hear the rest of it.

Why the fuck will both dragons protecting Bran?
That’s a ridiculous plan. They’re looking at the map and that’s what they come up with? The dragons should be out front blasting the approaching hoards with dragonfire. But hey, that’s logical so let’s not do that.

Notice how all the Starks are standing united, with Bran in the back?

The Pack Survives
The Starks Aligned

Aejon is standing with the Starks, not with Daenerys. Very significant.

I love that Ghost is back, but one scene? Really?


He should be at Aejon’s side constantly. I want that snowball on screen CONSTANTLY.

Where’s Nymeria’s Wolfpack?

They had better join the fight. And extra awesome if they fight the polar bears.

Are we going to get more Polar Bears?
Are we going to get ice spiders?
They’re in the books, and they’re mentioned in S1E1 by Old Nan when she’s telling Bran about the Long Night.

Does Arya’s weapon have a specific objective?

Sure she’s going to use it to fight the dead, but she can do that with her Valyrian dagger and a regular dragonglass dagger. Why the double tipped spear thingy? What does she have planned? Killing the Night King? Killing undead Viserion? What? The suspense is killing me.

Arya and Gendry?

Arya and Gendry
Finally! I told you. This was really cute, but I thought it should be less rushed, but otherwise great. It would be great if they both survived and had a relationship, but I think Gendry’s a dead man.

Wasn’t it great to see the men of the Night’s Watch together again, and feel their camaraderie one last time?

Did you shed a tear when Brienne was Knighted?

Ser Brienne of Tarth!
I cried like a baby. She’s wanted to be a Knight since day 1. For her to achieve her life’s goal through the man she loves was beautiful. Powerful. Lovely. I hope she doesn’t die but I think that she will. Also, she and Jaime fighting side by side with their swords made from Ned Stark’s greatsword Ice. Tywin Lannister melted it down after Ned was killed and made Oathkeeper and Widow’s Wail.

Who else thought Lyanna Mormont was going to beat the crap out of Ser Jorah?

She doesn’t take kindly to men who try to tell her what to do. She’s not about to run away into the crypts. Her voice when she was speaking to Jorah. Wow. And then: “We’re done here.” Sheesh.
I hope that she survives, but I doubt she will.

Those are Knights of the Vale passing behind the Mormonts.
Where’s Robyn Arryn these days?

Its not a good idea to leave that little psychopath to himself for too long. I wonder what he’s up to?

Knights of the Vale

Will Ser Jorah survive?

I want him to, but I think he will die fighting for Winterfell with a Valerian steel sword, his honor restored.

Sansa and Theon?
This isn’t as crazy as it looks if you take their history into account. They both have a history of being physically and emotionally abused by sadistic psychopaths. No one else knows what they’ve suffered or how scarred they are. They don’t have to hide or pretend with each other, nor do they need to explain. If they both survive (HA) they might find comfort and companionship with each other. However, their wouldn’t be any heirs, which Sansa would need if the North survives (double HA)

Is Aejon’s relationship with Daenerys over?

In a word, yes. Daenerys’ reaction to Jon’s revelation is all negativity. She is angry that he has a claim to the throne when it doesn’t matter. Jon’s not interested in being King anyway. He is stunned that her reaction is anger about his claim to the throne, when she’s supposed to love him. They don’t get a chance to have it out because the White Walkers are on the horizon, and the battle must begin.

Do the White Walkers have a secret weapon?

White Walkers

Yes. They will totally turn the tables on the living in a way that makes fleeing the only option. I discuss this in my analysis of the aftermath trailer.
See you after the Battle for Winterfell.

Valar Morghulis

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