Tasting the Taste of Typical Turkish Cuisine

Tasting the Taste of Typical Turkish Cuisine

Turkey is a country in the Middle East which is famous for its natural beauty and cultural wealth. Talking about culture and customs in Turkey, tasting Turkish culinary flavors is one way to feel how rich the culture of a country whose capital is Istanbul is.

Visiting Turkey will certainly not be complete to taste the delicious dishes of its special food. The following are the page here for typical Turkish food that you must taste:

Turkish kebabs

Who does not know this one culinary? Who would have thought that kebab is a dish from Türkiye which is now worldwide. This culinary is made from sliced lamb or beef that is grilled and wrapped in pita bread with vegetables and sauce.

The unique, delicious, and filling taste makes Turkish Kebab one of the foods most sought after by tourists who are on a culinary tour in Turkey.


The next Turkish specialty that is no less delicious is aslaah Kumpir, a dish of baked potatoes with a variety of toppings such as pieces of sausage, vegetables, and sauces that have a very delicious savory taste!

To be able to find this typical Turkish food, Toppers can find it in night markets or on the side of the road at night because this culinary is sold by many street vendors.


If in Indonesia there is such a thing as dumplings, then this food can be said to be almost the same as dumplings but in the Turkish style. The name of this food is manti, a typical Turkish food that is similar in shape to dumplings because it is made from a thin layer of flour with meat filling and various special spices.

What distinguishes it from siomay is its size. As a rule, manti are generally thin and small. In addition, it also lies in the way it is presented. In Turkey, it is customary to serve manti with a splash of tomato sauce, yogurt and onions so that the taste will be rich and delicious. Manti can be found a lot in the city of Istanbul.


If you’ve ever seen a video of an ice cream seller playing pranks on his buyers by spinning ice cream with a long stick, the ice cream is called Dondurma. This attraction is an entertainment and the way the seller serves the buyer, of course, can be an entertainment in itself.

Dondurma is usually not served in a cone, but is more often served with other Turkish specialties such as baklava. Turks usually serve Dondurma as a side dish.

Dondurma is also different from most ice creams, because it uses goat’s milk as a base. In addition, the use of ointment (derived from orchids) makes this dondurma have a sweeter, chewier and creamier taste.


Indonesia knows round bread with a hole in the middle as a donut, but in Turkey it is known as Simit. Even though they are similar in shape, Simit and donuts are very different, starting from the size, texture, taste and toppings.

How to make it is also quite unique. The smooth flour dough is not directly baked or fried, but is mixed first with the fruit syrup. After a certain time interval, then start the dough was baked with a sprinkling of sesame seeds.

Many say this is typical Turkish food that is delicious and addictive. Simit is usually served for breakfast, with tea or yogurt. To complete the nutritional content, you can serve it with fresh vegetables, fruits and cheese.


Intrigued by typical Turkish street food? You can try a dish called Kumpir. The ingredients are simple, made from baked potatoes that have various fillings. Usually the filling starts from meat, green vegetables, beans, cheese, sauce, and so on.

Even though it is a roadside dish and served quickly, Kumpir is very filling. One portion can reach 600 calories, so it’s really full. But once you try Kumpir, you will want more, because it has a distinctive taste and kicks with the spices.

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