Delicious Seafood Food Cheap Prices in Tangerang

Savory Savory Warehouse

Want to eat seafood in Bali in a more comfortable place? Warung Gurih Gurih could be a solution. This restaurant, which is often used as a meeting place by the office or community, also provides other menus such as chicken and duck. More choices to enjoy together. Some of the recommended Warung Gurih Gurih menus include, grilled clams cooked by caramelizing and grilled squid satay. The fun part is, you don’t have to worry about being crowded because this shop is quite spacious, there’s a second floor too, you know!

Mama’s shop

One more destination for eating seafood in Bali which is famous for the sensation of queuing, hehe. Warung Mami is considered legendary among travelers or culinary lovers because of its irreplaceable taste. Visitors must also be prepared to wait at least an hour to be able to taste delicious grilled fish, shrimp or clams at Warung Mami. The wait for that long was worth it because Warung Mami only serves fresh seafood. If the seafood stock runs out, they will immediately close or even not sell on that day. So, it’s a good idea to call first before going there, OK!

Hippie Fish

While walking around Ubud, suddenly want to eat seafood? Don’t worry, there is Hippie Fish which just opened at the end of 2018. This seafood restaurant with a ‘Mediterranean’ theme has tempting menus, such as Fregola (pasta, seafood, garlic and basil), Tuna Salad, Fritto Misto ( fried squid with lemon seasoning), and of course fresh lobster. Naturally, the chef was brought in directly from Italy so the recipes and flavors at Hippie Fish are very authentic.

Hippie Fish is located not far from Puri Ubud, exactly in front of Ubud Market. The place is really instagrammable with cozy sofas and an interior that reminds you of the hills on Santorini, Greece. The crowds are pretty crowded in the afternoon because there’s a cocktail promo, so choose your meal time carefully.

shrimp shrimp

Have more budget to eat seafood in Bali? There are restaurants in Seminyak that you should try. Its flagship menu is ‘Sambal Shrimp’, fresh shrimp boiled with spicy spices; and “Lime & “Kemangi” Shrimp”, fresh shrimp seasoned with a secret herb and served chilled! Curious, please?

Apart from prawns, Sambal Shrimp is also famous for its extraordinarily delicious crab dishes. One serving of ‘Swimmer Crab in Mt. Devil Chili’ or ‘Crab Lava Soup’ is actually enough for two to three people, but foreign tourists can finish it themselves because it’s so delicious! This quite luxurious seafood restaurant in Bali also offers Balinese dance performances on certain nights.

Lays shop

Want to spend a weekend with your lover while eating seafood in Bali? Warung Lais is a fairly relaxed place to eat, with affordable prices and friendly service. Here, each meal plan includes a dessert such as fruit or jelly.

At Warung Lais, you can make a special reservation, plus a signboard or greeting according to the event you want to celebrate. If you prefer to eat at home for certain events, you can order the tumpeng, the ‘megibung’ package (eating together on banana leaves), or the ‘ngejot’ package (a kind of boxed rice with besek). The menu is varied and satisfying, if you are interested and want to get more complete information please go to

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